I’m Penelope! If you’ve happened to chance by my domain and had stopped to read more, it is fate that brought us together.

I am an educator who still believes in humankind. Although I feel that we are very close to the point of destruction.

If you had met me 6 months ago, I am someone very different. Trusting, loving, giving and believing that man are all kind and are willing to sacrifice a little sometimes for the benefit for others. But, of course, I am not perfect. I am direct, blunt and impatient. Which has allowed many to take advantage of situations. And so the world has decided to give me a good lesson to see what humankind is capable of, testing my limits in tolerating betrayals, setbacks and many more.

I do not blame them, for they gave me valuable lessons in life. I’ve forgiven those who have let me down. Just that I no longer welcome them into my life again. Purely because, forgiving means understanding how a person can behave in a particular situation but embracing means you accept how they behave and welcome the possibility of something similar to happen in your life again.

Some people think I’m petty, some think I’m unreasonable, some think I’m a bully because I bluntly speak how I feel. I used to be very upset, felt maligned, wronged about how they perceive me. But now I am thankful, because it has taught me to correct my speech and speak more carefully. But the truth is, people read you the way they want to, and malicious people will still take advantage of situations and work things to benefit them. So ignoring and moving ahead is much better.

These setbacks and pain firmed up my value systems and I’m clearer about what I want and what is right and wrong. I can empathize with why you are behaving in a particular manner, but that doesn’t make things right.

Just as I can understand why Trump behaves like this, but that doesn’t mean that I can embrace his behavior. I don’t think you can too right?

So in this blog, I would like to share about how I grew, how people changed my life and vice versa.

May humanity can keep you sane.

Learn that you are not alone when the world is against you.

You are your best friend. I can be yours too.

If fate allows the chance.